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Passeio Ecológico de Barco pelo Rio Curimataú.

A maior atração de Cunhaú, além da beleza do litoral, é o passeio ecológico pelo manguezal. Isso é possível devido ao braço de rio que permite uma navegação serena, além de oferecer ao visitante uma praia igualmente bela que os nativos chamam-na de “outro lado”, onde só se chega de barco.

Duração de duas horas por belas praias,

manguezal e rios.- ENGLISH

A extensive excursion on the waters of the river Curimataú, with a stop in the mangrove, where you can have a little walk and where you will be informed about the ecological value of the mangrove and the traditional use of the woods.

Furthermore you’ll be shown how the people in this region catch crabs. You’ll be rewarded for your interest in the preservation of nature with swimming party in natural pools created by nature on a deserted beach. This trip takes two hours to complete.

Each full moon we organize a trip with a beach party. There will be offered a barbecue, snacks, drinks and music to celebrate the splendor of the nature all around.

What we offer
Two catamarans with a capacity of 50 persons each.
A “balsa” (motorized flat bottom) with a capacity of 100 persons.

Two small boats with a capacity of 8 persons each, for tours and fishing. We fish on the rivers in between Barra do Cunhaú and Canguaretama with living and death bate and we have equipement (fishing rots etc.) available for you.

Our quality lies in a very flexible and personal treatment: small groups are welcome as well.
Example: A 5 hour fishing tour will cost you R$50 p.p. with a minimum of two participants.

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Silvio Arruda
Rua de Baixo (praia), Barra do Cunhaú, Canguaretama – RN